Welcome to LSM!

LSM is a Russian music service that has set itself the goal of creating an alternative to Western professional music, sound design and sound effects libraries.

Nowadays Russian market of TV, movie and video games production faces great difficulties because of foreign services withdrawal, but we are sure that LSM is a real solution for professional audiovisual content producers.

LSM was created by a Russian music company LEGIO RAPAX LLC, that successfully works at the intersection of music and movies, performing the full cycle of musical production of TV series and feature films for the largest Russian TV channels and streaming services.

Our mission is to provide high quality licensed production music, sound design, sound effects and other audio materials for Russian film companies, advertising agencies, game studios and TV channels, so we have created a systematized and catalogued music library, which will not depend on external conjuncture.

LSM consists of two catalogues: "Music" and "Sound effects." In the "Music" catalog you will find a large-scale selection of music tracks for movie, TV, game and interactive content design. Our music supervisors select only quality and professionally created content from the best Russian composers and sound designers.

“Sound effects" section includes professionally recorded ambiences (nature, city atmospheres, etc.), ready-to-use sound design elements, Foley effects and many more.

Our library provides not only the basic versions of the tracks, but also their variations (differing in duration and arrangement), stems (isolated multi-tracks), as well as surround and immersive variations of the ambiences and sound effects.

We also realize the importance of the availability of ethnic music of the peoples of Russia and the background ambiences of Russian regions and cities.

Unfortunately, Western professional music and sound effect design library services could not fully meet the needs of audiovisual content producers for music and ambiences from Russian regions. This is due to the fact that many Western services are geared to the global music market and do not always accurately represent how rich and diverse the musical palette of the cultural heritage of the peoples of Russia is.

Realizing the importance and significance of preserving the interest in the ethno-cultural traditions of the peoples of Russia, as well as the growing interest in our country's own culture, we decided to compile the first Russian authentic music and ambiences catalog, which would include music of Russian peoples, sounds of folk instruments, as well as sounds of cities, villages and regions of our country, and to integrate it into the LSM library.

Our sound engineers will regularly travel to different regions of Russia to record sounds and music in order to capture unique folk music in both studio and natural acoustic conditions.

We believe that sound is the key to the heart of the audience. That's why LSM strives to give you the best opportunity to create a sound design for your project.

Let us make your project sound truly professional!

Our team

Ilya Kulikov


Russian screenwriter, producer, director, showrunner and talented media manager, best known as the creator and author of the TV series "Policeman from Rublyovka", " Chernobyl: Zona otchuzhdeniya", "Zakon kamennykh dzhungley ", " Mylodrama", "Glukhar", "Mech", "Pereval Dyatlova". Founder and executive producer of the TV company "LEGIO FELIX", music company "LEGIO RAPAX", winner of Russian awards: "TEFI", "Telezvezda", "Golden Eagle", Valentin Chernykh Script Award "Slovo", APKiT Script Award.

Igor Tikhonov

(Technical Director, Sound Effect Supervisor)

Igor has been involved in sound design and electronic music for more than ten years. He has participated in many TV and film projects and worked for companies such as Amedia, NTV-Kino, Russkoye Film Company, Star Media, Roman Viktyuk's Theater, and others.

In 2017 he created the company KEDR Audio, which has become one of the most successful independent Russian brands in the production of sound design libraries.

Igor's works have repeatedly made the lists of best-selling releases on well-known international platforms dedicated to professional sound effect, music and sound design licensing.

Anatoly Greenberg

(Content Manager, Music Supervisor)

Well-known sound engineer, mastering engineer and electronic music composer from Moscow, known under his pseudonyms: Tokee, Massaith, DVOA and Anatoly Grinberg.

He has released more than 50 of his own releases and worked on 400 albums and EPs as a mastering engineer for many labels, including the legendary Ant-Zen and Hymen.

Anatoly is also a film and sound engineer for many films and TV series, and has worked on Oliver Stone's documentary project.

Anatoly often works with 5.1/7.1 surround sound in his work.

Alexander Kopeikin

(LSM Partner Consultant)

Russian sound designer, called in the 90's "the first sound designer in the national Russian cinema".

Alexander is one of the best creators of high-quality sound effects. He is known for his work on such films as: "Balkan Frontier," "Spy," "Admiral," "August. Eighth," "Vysotsky. Thank You for Living," "Salut-7," "Sobibor," and many others.

His work is always highly appreciated both in Russia and abroad.

Andrey Semyonov


A media manager, film and TV producer, one of the founders of LEGIO FELIX, winner of Russian and international awards and festivals, who has produced about a hundred films and TV productions in more than a quarter of a century.

Elena Sharipova

(Music Editor, LSM Consultant)

Music editor and producer of the largest Russian TV company whose content has been created exclusively with licensed music for over 20 years.