Alexander Mayev is a composer. He was born in Leningrad (now Saint Petersburg). He received a musical education in piano and clarinet classes. Later, having changed his professional direction, he graduated from the Baltic State Technical University. In 1998, he released his first album as part of the Aurora group, recorded at the Melody studio. Colleagues in the workshop characterize Mayev as a musician of the Western mindset: combining and developing different creative directions, he is engaged in sound production, writes music for theatrical productions and films. Intensio and "Jan" are the first one-act ballets created in close collaboration with choreographer Yuri Smekalov. The performance of Intensio took place at the Mariinsky Theatre in 2013, the production of "Jan" was presented as part of the project of Vladimir Vasiliev's creative workshop "Andrey Platonov and Ballet" (Voronezh Opera and Ballet Theater, 2013). In August 2013, the premiere of the two-act ballet Infinita Frida to the music of Alexander Maev (choreography by Yuri Smekalov) took place at the Eliza Cabrera Theater and Concert Hall in Texcoco (Mexico). In 2013 and 2014, Forest's music from the symphonic suite Intensio was performed at the Kremlin Gala finale in Moscow. In March 2014, the Mariinsky Theatre premiered the one-act ballet "Camera Obscura" to the music of Alexander Maev. In 2014, he participated in writing the music for the musical The Master and Margarita. Since 2012, music has been written for more than 90 feature films and TV series. Recent works in cinema: SKY, GOLDEN BRONZE, THE FIRST DEPARTMENT, RUSALKA – LAKE OF THE DEAD, RZHEV.

Alexander Mayev

ALEXEY BATYCHENKO A bright representative of smooth jazz, Lounge style. The composer and performer's work can be characterised as "Night music of the big city". Alexey's musical biography amazes with the richness of famous names in the world of Russian music. He is a solo performer and leader of the studio brass section of Studio Transit, as well as one of the main musicians of Leonid Agutin's concert line-up. Alexey has recorded the vast majority of brass tracks with almost all representatives of Russian show business: Sergey Zhilin (Phonograph Jazz Band), Alla Pugacheva, Philip Kirkorov, Uma Thurman, Andrey Gubin, Tatiana Ovsienko, Mikhail Shufutinsky, Alyona Ivantsova, Laima Vaikule, Igor Kruty, Anatoly Kroll (MKS Band). Batychenko also took part in the project "Leonid & Friends" with tracks that exploded the Internet, gaining 5 million views in a week. Singles: MAMA, OBSESSION were in rotation of radio "Jazz 89,1" for a long time. His biography includes extensive work on soundtracks for Russian TV series and films, such as "LIFE THAT DIDN'T HAVE BEEN", "NOTARIUS NEGLINTSEV'S GOOD LIFE COURSE", "A Short Course in Happy Life", "THE TIME MAN", "Pregnancy Test" (the play "Lullaby") and others. Films: "PUSTYNIA", "MAJOR SOKOLOV'S HETERS", "THE BLACK SEA". In 1998 Alexey creates his own small recording studio on the basis of which his solo project "Dreams" is born. A project which is not bound by any commercial, contractual and other obligations. The music of "Dreams" is a sincere personal mood of the musician.

Alexey Batychenko

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