Legio Sound & Music (LSM) launch


We have some great news!

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new professional online sound and music library - LSM (Legio Sound & Music). Our team put a lot of effort into creation of this resource and now we are ready to share the results of our work with you!

Recently the Russian market of TV, movie and video games production has faced difficulties because of the withdrawal of foreign professional production music services. Therefore, LSM offers new opportunities for solving creative tasks of Russian producers of professional audio-visual content.

Our main goal is to provide LSM users with high quality licensed music, sound design and other audio materials for professional audiovisual productions. We strive to help Russian film companies, advertising agencies, game studios, television channels and radio broadcasters to create a unique sound atmosphere that will win the hearts of viewers and users of their content.

We truly believe that sound plays an important role in people's lives. So, we invite you to become users of our service and fill your projects with new acoustic colors that will plunge viewers into an exciting audio journey!


LSM (Legio Sound & Music) team